Recommended Resources/Organizations

The following is a list of other organizations that offer resources to people who consider themselves part of the kingdom movement.
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Led by best-selling author, teacher, and theologian Greg Boyd, ReKnew exists to fuel the exciting grass-roots global movement of people who are captivated by the vision of a Jesus-looking God raising up a Jesus-looking people to transform the world in a Jesus-kind of way.

Ecclesia Network

Ecclesia is a relational network that seeks to partner with, equip and multiply missional churches.

Evana Network

EVANA Network is a movement of pastors and churches who want to see God’s kingdom come through the power of Jesus Christ. Our common ground is an evangelical Anabaptist theology, as articulated in our network covenant. Our common vision is to see Jesus bring transformation to our local communities.

Gravity Leadership

We focus on centering our leadership in the Love of God in Jesus Christ, and how to practically and tangibly live and lead in that love in discipleship and mission. Our training cohorts are transformational and reproducible: you are equipped to train and disciple others with the training you have received. We also host workshops and on site trainings in a variety of areas, and are available to do group or one on one bespoke consultations with churches, In our experience, most discipleship and mission training focuses primarily on information and techniques – things to believe and things to do. We take a different approach, modeled off the ministry and life of Jesus, that has impacted hundreds of leaders all over the world. For more information, or to talk with one of us, go to

Meeting House Ministries

Meeting House Ministries a highly relational equipping network that is passionate about reproducing simple community LIFE under the Headship of King Jesus!

Whole Heart Ministries

Whole Heart Ministries ( is a nonprofit 501c3 ministry started in 1994 by Clay and Sally Clarkson to encourage and equip Christian parents to raise wholehearted Christian children. We “keep faith in the family” by offering original books and resources, conferences and workshops, and online ministries to help Christian parents. Whole Heart Ministries is evangelical, nondenominational, and kingdom-focused.

Mappings, LLC

We help Christian Leaders faithfully navigate their calling.
Benefits to Organizations
Mission Advancement – We help leaders focus their decision-making toward missional outcomes.
Leadership Alignment – We help team members move in the right direction for the right reasons.
Cultural Inspiration – We encourage behaviors and attitudes that honor Christ and inspire others.

Benefits to Individuals
Expanded Leadership – We help you help others follow Jesus with greater faithfulness.
Prosperous Transitions – We help you realize, as a Christ-follower, that your best days are before you, not behind you.
Deepened Faith – We help you follow Jesus with greater intimacy and maturity.

Our non-profit division (Faith Mappings, Inc.) offers low cost (often free), high quality coaching to ministers in transition, missionaries, and smaller Christian-based organizations (with annual budgets less than $250K)