Our Mission

God is currently birthing a movement that we believe will eventually transform the face of Christianity. All over the globe people are being gripped by a beautiful vision of a Jesus-looking God raising up a Jesus-looking people to transform the world in a Jesus-kind of way. Many of those who have been captivated by this vision no longer feel at home in traditional churches, but they also are unaware of others who share this vision. They therefore feel isolated and without “a tribe.”

TribeNet was created in response to the many requests we regularly receive at reknew.org and/or at whchurch.org asking for referrals to kingdom-minded individuals, groups and/or churches in their locale. By allowing kingdom-minded individuals and groups to find each other, it is our hope that TribeNet will help everyone acquire a sense of belonging to an identifiable global tribe and that God will use this site to help shape and expand the kingdom movement that he is raising up.

We ask that you read our Faith Statement to get a better idea of the shared characteristics of this growing “tribe.” Whether you’re passionately in agreement with this Statement or still undecided but want to explore this movement further, we encourage you to connect with others to become part of this exciting new movement that God is raising up!

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